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A few very positive words about the service that Josh gave me yesterday re my tire problem. As usual, always very courteous and friendly accompanied by a quick solution to my problem!
Thanks once again, Josh!
- Hugh Thompson

I would like to commend Josh for his kindness and help to my wife early this morning (Thursday October 24th) who had just experienced a flat tire on her Toyota Corolla.

He refused to take any money from her, which she would gladly have provided and since we are in the area a fair amount, I will be sure to use your services when I can.

Again, thank you very much.
- Dave Rennie

Thanks for keeping my trusted vehicles running. It is my office, transporter and storage garage all wrapped up in one. Each of you play an integral part in helping me not only with my vehicles, but my business since they are such an integral part.

You are truly the premier service center in our area and I appreciate all you've done through the years.
- Ed Myslivecek

I was recently in your service location with a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali. Dan advised me to get additional work done, beyond my initial comfort zone as it would substantially improve the ride. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his suggestions. My Yukon drives like it's new and its got over 125,000 miles on it. In addition, I was in a hurry that day, and the additional service took longer than I had originally planned. He set my expectation on a completion time and met it. I was able to complete my transaction by paying up front and jumped in my car and drove away as the service was completed. Thank you very much!!
- Judd Nordquist

Thanks for trouble shooting the LTPL (Low tire pressure light) that was a nuisance in my Rx330 control panel while driving. This is something Lexus dealership couldn't diagnose let alone know how to cure it. They inflated all my tires to normal pressure including the spare in the trunk with the hope of getting rid of the light to no avail. But your skilled machanic was able to trouble shoot the problem with a push of a botton, pretty amazing. Now my wife doesn't have to nag on me again about the light (laugh). Keep up the good work.
-Jim Akpan

This note is way overdue, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming to your auto station. I've been a customer for years, and it has always amazed me at how well I am treated when I come in to have my car checked out or serviced. Everyone at Murphy Auto is so professional with outstanding customer service skills. Where do you find such wonderful people to work for you? I have sent many of my friends to your station, and they all say the same thing - "everyone is so concerned and polite".
So, there you have it. Kiddos to YOU!
Thanks for being in the neighborhood
-Carol Jamgotch

You guys are still the best!
I got up this morning and my wife asked me if I had gotten the oil changed in her car as they were heading up to the lake today. What me? I drove to the closest place and it was "drop off- 2-hour wait". No go. I stopped at the next place and it was the same thing. I decided to run over to your store and drove right in. Cory took care of everything for me from vacuuming the car out to checking my spray nozzles on my windshield washer and the oil change. I was out in about 20 minutes. I was a happy guy because my wife was happy. Over the years (possibly 20) you guys have been great regarding customer service and just wanted to take the time to tell you that. Again, thanks!!
-Wayne Briggs

I have been a customer at both Edina Tire & Auto, the Edina Car Wash and Grandview Tire & Auto for several years.

Once again this past Saturday, I had a "surprise and delight" experience at Edina Tire & Auto, and coincidentally, a great Service Recovery earlier in the day at Grandview.

Early in the afternoon at Grandview, there was an atypical backup for oil and lube, and I got "forgotten" in the queue. When I asked why the bays were empty and my car wasn't in, the team in the lube area could not have been more apologetic, added a little coupon to the bill, and the service desk person (sorry, wish I had names) was equally courteous. Basic stuff, but well executed and the kind of thing that keeps people loyal and coming back (and I have retold this story twice already).

Part II: My daughter was about to leave for college on Sunday and I discovered a mechanical problem on the car she was about to take to school, after I left Grandview.

At about 345PM Don at Edina Tire & Auto took my call, told me to bring it right over and both he and Kenny, one of the techs at the shop, fussed over my old van like it was their very own.
Due to the late hour, we couldn't get the replacement part needed, but Don located the part at a local jobber, and Kenny did as much as he could to make the replacement as easy for me to complete on Sunday morning, after I picked up the part and before my daughter left for school.
Happily on the road with the heater and defrost working, my daughter returned to school on time the next day.

The consistent high level of customer service, attention to detail and focus on happy customers is why I keep coming back. Clearly, you hire good folks and then the organization reinforces what is important. I used to teach classes on Customer Service skills earlier in my career, and so I am a bit of a tough grader as a customer.
I somehow never seem to get to the Car Wash on Customer Appreciation Day, but I don't need to, as the people at all three locations walk the talk on customer appreciation the other 364 days of the year.

-Jim Peters

I love that we don't need to make an appointment and the service is fast and quality!
- M. Knight

This letter is long overdue! In over five years of utilizing Grandview's services on minor to major automotive problems with four different cars, I have always been extremely pleased with Grandview Tire & Auto. The level of professionalism and the consistent "good attitude" that your staff shows has always been outstanding.
Of special mention is Eric Johnson. He has always been responsive and fair to deal with. He has anticipated problems and taken care of them before they became major issues. Of note, recently there was a problem with my Mercedes, caused unfortunately by one of the mechanics who worked on the car. Eric took the initiative to rectify the situation and solve the issue by purchasing Mercedes parts from the dealer and installing them at no cost to me, WOW! Even though I was already loyal customer this incident just further amplified the quality and training of your staff.
A couple of weeks ago one of my staff asked me where he could get a second opinion on his Mazda 626 that the dealer said had a cracked head and was going to cost $1800.00 to fix. Without hesitation I referred him to Grandview, the analysis confirmed he did not have a cracked head which saved him almost the entire $1800.00 and fixed the actual problem as well. I have and will continue to refer family, friends and acquaintances to Grandview. Thank you,
- E. Graber

...your guys at Grandview are great! Here I have been screwing aroundwith Foreign Affairs for the past three years, being frustrated and ticked off, and you guys were right up the street.
The guys were great. Steve (I think) was my tech. He fixed some stuff that Foreign Affairs could not fix (after three attempts no less) which had been a nuisance for a long time. Ordered me new floor mats and new wipers and replaced my tires. It's like I have a new car.
I guess this is a fringe benefit of being on the Planning Commission, getting the chance to run into you and develop a new relationship. Thanks for everything. You will be seeing all my cars from now on!
- Stephen Brown

I just visited Grandview Tire & Auto for the first time yesterday (9/9/08). I wanted to write and say what a pleasant experience it was and what a great job you do there. I came in for an oil change after several bad experiences with another quick oil change company. Your service was fast, your staff was knowledgeable and friendly and your prices are extremely competitive. The extras (car wash, etc.) also are a really nice perk. Thanks for providing such great services - you've definitely gained a new customer!

Kate Royer

Grandview took a bad situation and made it right. Thanks!
- Hugh Meeker