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Don't we always hear the bad reports about people/business?

I recently had work done on my car at the 54th and France location--just want you to know it was a pleasure to do business there with the entire team and especially with DON! It's an unpleasant experience to have car issues for me--I HATE CAR PROBLEMS!!!! But he has a great way about him and his people skills are amazing--I couldn't say enough good things about him--as I said, car problems are on my list of least desirable thing in life but Don and your store take some of the sting out of it!!! (the rest of the staff are great too!)

Thanks again for providing a place that I trust and staffing it with great people!!

- Linda Novak

I can't say enough good things about Edina Tire & Auto. We all want to be able to just bring our cars in, and get good, honest service without any hassle. And that's what I have been getting for several years. BUT, when things go wrong, you really learn about the integrity of a business! I had very expensive work done on my car, and a pretty short time later, the engine failed. I was livid that the issue I'd paid a lot of money for didn't go away! I expected a hassle, I expected resistance, but what I got was extremely great care, several humble apologies, and every effort to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. Don was especially instrumental in making it all okay. You don't really know how great a business is until they handle a conflict, and although the conflict wasn't anything fun, it was certainly wonderful to know that I've been giving my business to a great place. The employees should be proud of all the hard work they do. The owner should know that his employees are amazing and I hope he does!! Thank you Edina Tire & Auto!!
- Shannon Cheng

For the last 15 years I have had all of my auto repairs done at Edina Auto & Tire. The entire staff has been kind, knowledgable and honest.

Recently, I was in a car accident. I called Edina Tire & Auto and the first question asked by the manager Don, was "are you all right?" The second was "is your car in a safe place?" I really appreciated Don's concern for my safety.

While Edina Tire & Auto does not perform auto body repair Don recommend a great place (Doherty's Auto Body Repair) to have the work done. I felt cared for as if I was a family member.
I highly recommend Edina Tire & Auto.
- Roberta Link

I would like to thank the team at Edina Tire for the great service they provided to my dented tire rim this past Monday. The service was fast and friendly and your price was very fair.

We trust Edina Tire and Auto to take care of our cars. Even after moving to Plymouth, we return to Edina Tire and Auto to have our cars maintained. We love the friendly, fast, and efficient service. We recommend them whole-heartedly.

Tom & Melanie Heuerman
Plymouth, MN

My mother and I had car problems today and were close to your shop. We had a wonderful experience while we were there and it was all thanks to an employee by the name of Isaac. My mom and I would like to say a sincere thanks to him and your establishment for being so honest and helpful in our time of need. Thank you again!
-Emily Dreis

I have been a customer at both Edina Tire & Auto, the Edina Car Wash and Grandview Tire & Auto for several years.

Once again this past Saturday, I had a "surprise and delight" experience at Edina Tire & Auto, and coincidentally, a great Service Recovery earlier in the day at Grandview.

Early in the afternoon at Grandview, there was an atypical backup for oil and lube, and I got "forgotten" in the queue. When I asked why the bays were empty and my car wasn't in, the team in the lube area could not have been more apologetic, added a little coupon to the bill, and the service desk person (sorry, wish I had names) was equally courteous. Basic stuff, but well executed and the kind of thing that keeps people loyal and coming back (and I have retold this story twice already).

Part II: My daughter was about to leave for college on Sunday and I discovered a mechanical problem on the car she was about to take to school, after I left Grandview.

At about 345PM Don at Edina Tire & Auto took my call, told me to bring it right over and both he and Kenny, one of the techs at the shop, fussed over my old van like it was their very own.
Due to the late hour, we couldn't get the replacement part needed, but Don located the part at a local jobber, and Kenny did as much as he could to make the replacement as easy for me to complete on Sunday morning, after I picked up the part and before my daughter left for school.
Happily on the road with the heater and defrost working, my daughter returned to school on time the next day.

The consistent high level of customer service, attention to detail and focus on happy customers is why I keep coming back. Clearly, you hire good folks and then the organization reinforces what is important. I used to teach classes on Customer Service skills earlier in my career, and so I am a bit of a tough grader as a customer.
I somehow never seem to get to the Car Wash on Customer Appreciation Day, but I don't need to, as the people at all three locations walk the talk on customer appreciation the other 364 days of the year.

-Jim Peters

The guys were great! I needed repairs ASAP. They did it quickly and on my schedule.
- K. Laughlin

Service guy stayed late to fix something that had happened unexpectedly. Careful & thorough.
- U. Weigold

Just a quick note of thanks for taking care of my front disc brakes on extended warranty. Dave in your shop was very attentive, and even got motorcraft pads for us as a special accommodation. Efforts to keep us happy are the reason we keep coming back to your shop.

Feel confident knowing they are AAA Approved. They were very friendly, good service, called when done. Free car wash is a nice benefit.
- L. Moon

Don was very professional and polite. He called back several time to give an update and let me know what was happening.
- J. Welge