Grandview Tire & Auto - Cahill in Edina, Minnesota.


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Hands down--this place is the best around! I always feel 100% satisfied when I leave. They go out of their way to take care of customers. This last time I was in, they found a coupon of greater value than the one I brought in (without me asking), left my car in the garage so I didn't have to load my son back into the car in the rain, gave me a free car wash (as always!), and reminded me to take advantage of topping off my fluids when I'm in the area. They're prompt, skilled, affordable, and enjoyable. I've been going here for years--this isn't out of the ordinary. It's how they do business. Definitely give Grandview a try!
- A Boone

I am always "impressed" with the service I get at Grandview Tire and Auto - Edina - 70th Street. The person that is always courteous, gives great advise and truly cares about giving us the "best service, is Rick Murphy! What I really appreciate about Rick is his knowledge and professionalism and how he helps with keeping the costs down and not doing extra service when it is not needed on our vehicle!

Please pass these comments on to Rick and thank you!
- James and Betsy Cutcliffe

Hi this message is for Jason Fischer. I want to thank him and his staff very much for the time and effort that was directed to my check engine light trouble that I had with my 2004 Dodge Ram. As directed by Jason I took the vehicle to a Dodge Dealer and they diagnosed frayed wires which they felt were causing this problem. They repaired the frayed wires and so far the check engine light has stayed off. Thanks to Jason and his staff's persistent I think we have finally solved this problem. Thought that he might want to know the hopefully final solution. I will definitely use your services again.
-Chris Higgins

Just wanted to send you a brief note on my experience(s) at your new location in Edina. I had my older car there with a alternator issue and Jeff was very friendly, fair and explained everything in a very patient way. I take issue with some people who say your "prices are too high". I don't find that the case, but would be willing to spend a couple extra dollars for the intangibles, such has being friendly, your car doesn't have workers matts on the ground and smelling like oil and dirty after picking up my car. In addition, they noticed the bolt that holding my oil in the car was 1 and 1/2 turns loose, which was causing a oil leak in my car. This was poor service at Jiffy lube.

My second experience was when my wife brought our new car in for a oil change. They noticed a thumping sound upon their test drive (which no one does for a simple oil change). They explained the problem and noticed the car had such low mileage it should be covered by warranty. Yes, maybe alot of people would have know that, but not all. Instead of recommending getting it done at Grandview, they suggested to go to a dealer. The bottom line was it was covered and probably saved me 1500.00. I doubt there are many places that would have recommended going to a dealer and passing up the business. I feel comfortable with my wife going to you and getting a honest evalation of our car(s). I am now a lifetime customer, its amazing how others don't see the value of returning customers. Thanks Jeff and everyone for your help!

- Paul Rahn

My name is Matt Kirby and I live blocks away from your newly opened store on W. 70th Street in Edina. This is the first letter I have ever written to any company for any reason. Honestly, I thought when this day came it would be for something completely different and asking for you to correct a wrong-doing of sorts. On the contrary, I wanted to thank and congratulate you on a job done perfectly. Your staff at that store is remarkable. What I am so impressed with:

1. Every time I pull in they greet me by my name. (I know they get it off the license plate and I don’t care.) That makes me feel important.

2. The amenities are immaculate and plentiful. Great coffee, clean sitting area, stuff for my daughter to play with, and a spotless bathroom.

3. Everyone is always smiling and overly kind. Its great doing business with people that like what they are doing.

4. No one EVER pressures me into doing work I don’t need or want.

5. It takes under 10 minutes

I have never noticed an entire staff ALWAYS running on 8 cylinders… Consistency is the key to success and whoever is running the show over there is doing a phenomenal job. I personally have sent 5 people to your store and everyone loves it. Best of luck to you in your endeavors and please extend my thanks to everyone at the W. 70th Street store.

Matt Kirby

I had the BEST customer experience last week at your Edina store and just HAD to let someone know. I was meeting a friend in Edina so located your Edina store and called to see if someone would be available to replace a headlight. Right away, I was pleasantly surprised at the kind voice on the other line who welcomed my visit and provided me with directions.

Upon entering the store, Greg greeted me, asked if I was 'Amy, who called,' and welcomed me to Grandview Auto. Once again, I was impressed with the kind welcome and the immediate assistance I received from both Greg and the mechanics.

What a great bunch of young men you have working at that store! In today's world, it's rare to receive such a WOW experience and I must say I was WOW'd by Greg and crew.

Due to Greg's level of service, I definitely intend on returning. Please ensure to thank him and recognize him for his exceptional customer service. THANKS!!

-Amy Steinke

On July 3rd, My son brought in his '85 BMW. He and a friend had changed oil themselves and had not changed the oil filter. Josh and Greg were very helpful. They found an empty container of oil stuck near the manifold. They changed the oil filter and had him fixed up in 10 minutes.
Great service....very friendly.

Thanks alot.

-Paul Norr

I love that we don't need to make an appointment and the service is fast and quality!
- M. Knight

This letter is long overdue! In over five years of utilizing Grandview's services on minor to major automotive problems with four different cars, I have always been extremely pleased with Grandview Tire & Auto. The level of professionalism and the consistent "good attitude" that your staff shows has always been outstanding.
Of special mention is Eric Johnson. He has always been responsive and fair to deal with. He has anticipated problems and taken care of them before they became major issues. Of note, recently there was a problem with my Mercedes, caused unfortunately by one of the mechanics who worked on the car. Eric took the initiative to rectify the situation and solve the issue by purchasing Mercedes parts from the dealer and installing them at no cost to me, WOW! Even though I was already loyal customer this incident just further amplified the quality and training of your staff.
A couple of weeks ago one of my staff asked me where he could get a second opinion on his Mazda 626 that the dealer said had a cracked head and was going to cost $1800.00 to fix. Without hesitation I referred him to Grandview, the analysis confirmed he did not have a cracked head which saved him almost the entire $1800.00 and fixed the actual problem as well. I have and will continue to refer family, friends and acquaintances to Grandview. Thank you,
- E. Graber

...your guys at Grandview are great! Here I have been screwing aroundwith Foreign Affairs for the past three years, being frustrated and ticked off, and you guys were right up the street.
The guys were great. Steve (I think) was my tech. He fixed some stuff that Foreign Affairs could not fix (after three attempts no less) which had been a nuisance for a long time. Ordered me new floor mats and new wipers and replaced my tires. It's like I have a new car.
I guess this is a fringe benefit of being on the Planning Commission, getting the chance to run into you and develop a new relationship. Thanks for everything. You will be seeing all my cars from now on!
- Stephen Brown

Grandview took a bad situation and made it right. Thanks!
- Hugh Meeker