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Hi, I brought my car in on Saturday to have it looked at. I suspected there was a leaking valve cover gasket or something because it smelled like burning oil. It has a lot of miles on it, so I was pretty terrified that it was going to need much more work than I could afford. As it turns out the car isn't worth fixing because the frame underneath the engine is rusting out. I'm not sure who the technician was that looked at it, but I have to say I really appreciated that he was honest with me and didn't recommend a bunch of costly repairs for a car that has larger problems that will cost more than its value. It is scary to bring your car in and I was very impressed with his honesty, even though it was bad news. You definitely earned my trust. Thanks!
-Lisa Dargis

I wrote a story about a car I have used for 22 years. You have serviced it for over 10 years. Had some fun and used your names. Thought you would enjoy reading it.

Grief-stricken, the famous vigilante lawman walked down the dusty dirt road with his old friend Nick from the neighboring town. Nick had become a trusted friend whom the Lone Ranger had come to respect greatly over the years of his long association with the good doctor. You see, Nick was one of the chief veterinarians in nearby Lakeville, and the Lone Ranger would trust no other doctor with his pride and joy, the mighty horse Silver LS400.

"Are you sure about this, Nick?" asked the Ranger, a tear forming in each of his piercing blue eyes.

"Nothin' ya c'n do when the knee goes out on the right flank, sir," answered Nick. "Y'all goin' ta have ta put 'im down. We seen it all the time at the Pro-Tech clinic. Thim danged Minnesota winters. Horse swims in salt water 4 months of the year. Eats the flesh raht off'n 'is bones. Why, it ain't worth the cost of re-shoein' 'im. Just a waste of good shoes. "Spechlly hard to watch when it's th' Toyota breed..."

Nick's assessment cut the Lone Ranger to the heart. It was true. The proud Toyota breed rarely died from lack of heart or diminishing transmission strength. No, it was exposure to steel's nemesis, road salt, that killed the 22-year old silver stallion from the outside. The stallion would have to go down, but it would go with unbowed head and stout heart, fiery and proud to its last breath. The Loan Ranger looked down at the Pro-Tech diagnostic sheet one last time, reading the words slowly. "Right Rear Cradle Mount is rusted significantly."

"Good bye old friend," he said. "You were the best ride a Chicago cowboy could ever have". Wes stroked his 1990 Silver Lexus slowly. The LS400 purred a response in deep, smooth whispers from its massive engine. "Let's go home, fella." For one last, defiant moment, the Lone Ranger cried, "Hi-ho Silver, Away!" And the two of them rode quietly out of Lakeville, heedless of the horse's fate.
Silver lived on for nearly another year, surmounting every obstacle in his path. He never acknowledged the weakness of his body, so attuned was his heart to move his master through the world. The Lone Ranger knew but could not bear to accept that Silver's adventures could not go on forever, no matter how indomitable his spirit stood. So the two moved together across the Minnesota landscape, in a vain attempt to deny the inevitable.

One day, Silver's cooling fan bearing failed, making his powerful, supple movements through traffic a cacophonous risk to himself and to the Masked Rider's safety. Despairingly, the Ranger commanded him to return to the Pro-Tech clinic. Silver was taken to the back room while the Ranger waited. Brow furrowed as Nick's partner Mike entered the room, his throat tightened as Mike's face revealed that Silver would not live to see another day. In low, determined tones, Mike spoke.

Sir, Silver's got hissef a siryes problum. His heart goan to fall plum out his chest any day now, like to kill hisself an' yew. He's ole, pardner, and everything 'bout 'im like to fail now.

But not his heart, Mike, interrupted the Ranger, not his heart. Silver's dedicated, thoroughbred heart had never failed him, and it never would.

Well yessir, but jes' the same, we jes' ain' gon' fix 'im no more, even if we could. Nossir. I'm werried 'bout YEW now. His time is past, but YORS ain't.

The Ranger resigned himself to the undeniable truth of his words. Finally the Ranger said, Thank you doctor, and he slowly turned and trudged out of the Pro-Tech clinic door with Silver's keys. Come on boy, let's go back to the stable one last time, he said as tears again formed in his piercing blue eyes.

The next day, at the Ranger's bidding, Silver obediently drove to Undertaker Tom's place of business, his fan motor clattering wildly. Tom gently and solemnly took Silver's keys and bid the Ranger a somber good day. The Lone Ranger sadly climbed on his small, humble pony (RAV4), and rode disconsolately into the sunset.

Silver had dared much and suffered much, but for 22 years and 236,00 miles, his heart beat smoothly, powerfully, quietly and unequivocally for his master's will to the end. The Ranger's foot would never command a truer heart or sturdier limbs, unless perhaps they should meet again on the golden roads of Heaven.
- Wes Johnson

At 7:45 pm last night, we noticed the brake light was out on my car. We called your place (it is where we bring our cars for oil changes) and asked if it was too late to bring it in to get fixed. Jeff said no, bring it on in. We arrived 4 minutes later. The 2 men working assumed I wanted an oil change but luckily I stopped him and said no, I would come back Saturday for that and I just needed to get my brake light changed. John was the one man's name, but I don't remember the one that actually changed the buld. They changed the bulb and said there was no charge. That is amazing! Now a days, companies charge for EVERYTHING! We already bring our 3 cars there, but we will tell everyone what great service we receive from your place. Be sure to thank John and the other man's name for us!
- Julie Meyer

Thank you for all your services that you have done for me on my car. I appreciate them very much. The timely service, the friendly smiles and you remember who I am even though I moved away.... I will be back to Minnesota once in awhile and might need your services, be it oil changes or other needs. So I say thank you again and will never forget your business.
- William True

Thanks for the quality work I received at my recent visit to your store. Ford could not find the problem as they did not dig into the situation like the mechanic at your shop did... I will be back and recomend your shop to others!
Thanks to all,
- Tom Dorn

Hard to believe that re-greasing the drive shaft spline took care of the problem. It was quiet as a 'Church Mouse' on the way home. Excellent job by the Tech who performed this work, can't thank him enough. Thanks to all including the gal behind the service counter for her smile.!!

I am so impressed that a business such as yours would provide to its customers a "Faith Passages" calendar. I first became familiar with "light in the community" when I was administrator at St. Peter's Lutheran School in Edina and looked forward to reading your sign out front at Edina Car Wash. Thanks for being bold in your "witness".
-Richard Timm

Want to thank Mike Sande for all his help filling out forms for a factory refund on some work done on my Jeep. I picked up the paperwork today, and am very appreciative.
-Mary Plocher

Just wanted to put in a compliment for the people who were working on December 17th, 2010. I stopped in for an oil change and was in a rush cause I had to get to a meeting. I was happy to see the service was fast and efficient (usually are fast but this was even faster).
Thanks for the great service and I always will make the trip to Protech for service.
I also enjoy the phrases on the sign out front.
-Zachary Wyman

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I stopped in the other day as I had a bolt in my tire, and your guys were great. It was about 4:30 when I got there, and I had to have Brady picked up from day care by 5. They were so great, I don't think I was there any longer then 15 min and I was on my way with a fixed tire. You have a great operation, and I enjoy doing business there!!!
-Jessica Greenleaf

I would just like to thank you all for your hard work on Heidi Hanley's Forester, especially your customer service agent Nick and Jeff. Many shops would charge us for rental cars and such, while investigating problems directly related to recent fixes. I respect the honesty of your shop greatly and I now do believe in your mission statement.

Now, that I am full time professional and grad student I do not have the time to do car repairs myself. I realize that I am a different type of customer who would rather things be right, no matter the cost. You have tailored your shop to my needs, and I appreciate that. I have been so impressed that I will bring in my personal vehicle for routine maintenance. I know that one other car may not be a big deal to your company; however it is a big deal to me. I do not let just anyone touch my car. It's nice to know that we have a shop in the area that will support our love of subi's and can expect this kind of service in the future.

-Nick Reynolds

We just wanted to send a note of appreciation for both the services we have received in the past, and more recent...the service we received this past week. It is refreshing in today's environment to get such impressive service, that one is compelled to write a note of thanks. But this service was simply above and beyond and needed to be recognized.

We had previously taken our mini-van in for normal service and requested a quote on some minor hub bearing issues we had noticed. The quote was reasonable, but since the service was not imperative, we decided to wait until it was more pressing. Fast forward a year, we now felt it necessary to have this issue fixed and were greeted with quite a treat. Nick, the technician who lead the efforts with our vehicle, identified that the work that was originally scoped last year was not all necessary and that resulted in a significant reduction in parts cost. Additionally, the labor time was less than they had estimated and cha-ching, another reduction. We had asked if additional work might be required in the future by not replacing all of the parts and therefore be more costly than doing now...Nick as a representative of his company, said they would honor the original amount if that was necessary in the future...but with honesty and integrity, did not feel it necessary to do unneeded work and incur more cost. Last piece...because the customer taxi service was unavailable when the car was ready, Nick provided his personal service to connect us with our vehicle at zero inconvenience to us! Simply amazing service...but the most impressive part was the honest, genuine service that makes the difference between simply going anywhere for the lowest price. Loyalty is missing in today's vocabulary, but not for us.


The Keller's

Thanks to tech who took the time to vacuum my car and throw away all my diet coke cans when I got my oil changed yesterday! My car was a mess and the service was above and beyond what I expected!

-Jen Olson

Thank you for the quality work & attention to detail whenever I bring my vehicle in for service. Thanks to Mel for her friendly smile, also for the free car wash...
- Tom Dorn

I was extremely pleased recently with Nick's efforts in troubleshooting and fixing my Honda Odyssey's front suspension problems. The van rides much better, and, although there is still a bit of noise that is noticeable, I was assured that it was not related to the suspension and was not a safety issue.

Thank You!
-Steve Hestness

I am glad to know they are a AAA approved business, that makes me trust them even more.
- T. Lewis

They found the problem with my Ford Windstar when not even the Ford dealership could. Very satisfied! Will be back.
- M. Hartle

I just wanted to email you saying that I had a great experience with Pro-Tech Automotive in Lakeville. I dropped my Jeep off because it was leaking antifreeze, they diagnosed, called me, and replaced the water pump, and the v-belt. I am very pleased with both the customer and vehicle service.
- M. Rierson

I would like to say thank you to Nick D. and everyone at ProTech for their superior service! When I brought my Dodge Durango in for transfer case service I expected to hear that it needed additional repair. What I didn't expect was for Nick to tell me they would replace the transfer case at no charge because of an error on their part. That take integrity! I have & will continue to tell other people what an outstanding jobs ProTech does in serving their customers. I wish more companies were like ProTech.
Thanks again - Sincerely,
D. Peterson